International Students Symposium
on Logistics and International Business

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

The idea behind the Symposium

The idea of ​​a student symposium was born in 2008 at a conference held in Celje, Slovenia. Young and committed lecturers thought about creating a joint event for students from different countries and faculties, who would gather in a relaxed atmosphere, present their papers, and exchange ideas and experiences.

The symposium offers young students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds to gain first-hand experiences in presenting and discussing their projects’ results in front of an international audience. Besides the students’ presentations, there are lectures from professors of the partner universities and excursions to companies to get a deeper insight into the actual topics. There is also time for cultural sightseeing.

The symposium thus became a distinguished event that the Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor organizes every year in cooperation with foreign institutions, which means that the symposium moves to a different city every year.

Our host

This years’ symposium will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our host is the

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is a leading higher education institution in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Established in 1956, VILNIUS TECH is one of the most prominent research universities in Lithuania, focusing on technologies, engineering and prioritising university-business cooperation. The university is a member of the Advanced Technology Higher Education Network Alliance – ATHENA European university.


About Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and its largest city. The first written record of Vilnius as the Lithuanian capital is from Gediminas’ letters in 1323.
Today, Vilnius is one of the most frequently visited cities in Eastern Europe. It draws attention not only because of its unique architectural character but also by its cultural events and attractions. During the first ten years of independence, the city has become a tourist attraction centre. It is therefore not surprising that during these ten years, the number of tourists has consistently increased while tourist infrastructure and services have been developed.


The title of this years’ symposium is

“New technologies for supply chain and business transformation”.

Technology can significantly impact the transformation of businesses and supply chains. However, the supply chain’s digitization is still lagging compared to other business areas. According to a study delivered by McKinsey, the supply chain aspect has the lowest degree of digitization (43%) compared to other business functional activities, including products and services, marketing and sales channels, business processes, and new entrants at the ecosystem level. Still, some technologies are changing business and supply chains when companies adopt them.

Technological advances and applications are driven by better data availability, visibility, efficiency and accuracy. The right technology solutions enable business and supply chain operations to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage, significantly when competitors slow to adopt the latest technology.

Paper publication

The papers will be published in the online proceedings. Selected papers will also be published in the journal “Logistics, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Global Challenges” issued by Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor.

Important dates

May 10 – paper submission
June 10 – review reports
September 10 – updated paper version
October 16-20 – paper presentation at symposium
December 31 – decision on best papers recommendation for publishing in journal

Abstract/Paper/Presentation Submission


abstract and paper preparation

How to attend?

BIP participant

Erasmus Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) for students

The new Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) introduces new Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) as alternative mobility for students.
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Business Management, organises 3 ECTS “New technologies for supply chain and business transformation” BIP for students.

BIP Number: 2022-1-LT01-KA131-HED-000063894-1

BIP combines short-term physical mobility with a virtual component, making the Erasmus mobility more flexible. Students participating in BIP can maintain their study plans at their home institution and include BIP as a parallel activity. Short-term online and physical mobility (one week in Lithuania) will constitute the only period outside their home institution. Therefore, students should credit the BIP to their study plans, as in the case of traditional Erasmus mobility.

The sending institution’s International Relations offices will provide information and support to students for physical mobility.
Students will receive support for physical mobility: 70 Eur per day. Students with fewer opportunities may receive travel support. Students who do not receive travel support can opt for green travel. In this case, they will receive a contribution of 50 EUR as a top-up amount to the individual support and up to 4 days of additional individual support to cover travel days for a return trip, if relevant.

Further information and application form for “New technologies for supply chain and business transformation” BIP is available here.

Students can apply until  1st of September.

The maximum number of participants of BIP is limited to 16. All applicants will receive the information on admission by International realtionskih office.

Accommodation posibilities


SGL – 45 EUR
The price includes breakfast, wireless internet
Contact email
Special offer – use code: “VilniusTech student Symposium 2023”
Address: T. Ševčenkos g. 16, Naujamiestis, LT-03111


SGL – 63 EUR
The price includes breakfast, wireless internet, Spa area.
Contact email
Special offer – use code: “VilniusTech student Symposium 2023”
Address: Konstitucijos ave. 14 | Vilnius, LT-09308


79 EUR per night
The price includes breakfast, wireless internet
Address: Rinktinės str. 3, Vilnius, LT-09234

Symposium Schedule

9:30 - 11:00

Coffee break

Room: SRC 602 hole

10:30 - 11:00

11:45 - 12:00

Room: SRC 602 hole

12:15 - 13:50

Open Ceremony

Key speakers session from conference agenda (CR I floor)
Dean of Business Management Faculty, Welcome word
Laura Makelė ``Change management: how to handle changes``
Prof dr. Tomasz Dorozynski ``Internationalisation, institutions & incentives: theoretical and empirical approach``
Eglė Jakštaitė ``Sustainability: just a buzzword``

13:50 - 14.30


Room: SRC 602 hole

Room: SRC 602 hole
Kamil Peterek ``Trends in logistics and their risks``;
Matevž Obrecht ``Green and digital transition``
Olga Lingaitienė ``Impact of circularity on sustainability``

18:00 -

8:30 - 9:00

Coffee break

Klara Zlamalova ``Modeling Railway Accident with Leakage of Dangerous Substance``
Luis Baretto ``Mobility as a service``

10:00 - 10:30

Coffee break

room Arka

10:30 - 11:00

Augustyn Lorenc ``Leading project in an area of developing an inovative system (Big Data, BI, IoT) for the optimisation logistics process in cold chain``

Viktorija Stasytytė ``Assessing the European Union capitals in the context of smart sustainable cities``
Monika Roman ``Development of digitization in transport``
Adam Wilk & Marcin Sakowski ``The use of simulation software in warehouse logistics``
Veronika Soldatenko & Saulė Černeckytė ``International trade context of economic growth and development``
Maciej Borkowski ``Bibliometric analysis of new technologies in supply chains based on economic literature``

13:30 - 14:00


Room Arka

18:00 -

Patrik Sedlaček ``Robotics in logistics`` Dana Kostyk ``Ergonomics in logistics``

Marek Lačnak ``Logistics of recycling and waste
Lazar Cvejic ``Biodegradable packing in the supply chain`` disposal``

10:00 - 10:30

Coffee break

Nik Pušnik Bakšič ``Rack warehouse simulation with DES``

Marko Miljkovic & Miloš Miljkovic ``Material flow of Copper in Slovenia``
Jovana Koldzic, Edim Balje & Biljana Dragišic ``Processes of loading goods in the company InterEuropa``
Sven Rošer ``Exploring Associations in Articles on the Phenomenon of Degrowth``
Nejc Podkoritnik ``Knowledge of hydrogen technologies for the needs of sustainable mobility in the Slovenia higher education sector``

12:45 - 13:45


17:00 -

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Preparing a paper on the topic is mandatory for students to attend the symposium.

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