The 11th International Students Symposium on Logistics and International Business 8th to 12th November2021, School of Transportation and Logistics, Istanbul University - Istanbul, Turkey
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About the Symposium


Dear all,

We’re inviting you to join us at Part 1 of this years’ International Students’ Symposium on Logistics and International Bussines.

On Monday, 20 September 2021, at 1:00 PM (CEST), we will host an online pre-event before our Symposium starts in person from 8 – 12 November 2021 in beautiful Istanbul, Turkey.

Join us:

The International students’ symposium on logistics and international business (ISSLIB) has become a distinguished event.


Last year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, but we had to organize a virtual event due to known reasons. We are convinced that this November, the situation with travelling restrictions will change and we meet in person.

This years’ symposium will take place in Istanbul. Our host is the School of Transportation and Logistics of Istanbul University.
This event gives students and professors a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and research with their peers and establish international connections, which will last a lifetime.
Through lectures of distinguished professors from different universities and presentations of students’ research, participants gain an insight into the trends and contemporary aspects of international business and logistics. Also, excursions to companies will allow participants to see the practical aspects of business and logistics.
Students attending the symposium should prepare papers about their research, either practical or theoretical. The papers will be published in the Journal of Transportation and Logistics. A template for papers is available on the symposium website.

Participation at the symposium is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.

About our host

İstanbul University


İstanbul University Rectorate 34452 Beyazıt/Fatih/İstanbul/TURKEY

Istanbul University was established in 1453 during Ottoman Empire times. It is among the oldest universities in Europe. Our university was the only higher education institution when the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923. Since many academics graduated from our university and achieved many leading publications, Istanbul University has always played a crucial role in Turkey.

Istanbul University is consistently ranked as one of Turkey’s leading universities and earlier was ranked first among 114 universities, with academic strengths, entrance, teaching and research standards in several times It has 20 faculties, 3 schools and 6 vocational higher schools which are located in 12 different campuses. There are 65.000 undergraduate and 14.500 graduate students.

Today, many enterprises have gone beyond borders and become multinational as a result of intense competition. Down from 1999, Turkey has been enlarging its logistics sector and has been in cooperation with over 40 countries. As it is known, European Union standards raised its standards for qualified human resources in the logistics sector. Since EU emerges as a driving force for developing countries, day by day logistics education increased its popularity in Turkey.

School of Transportation and Logistics


İstanbul University School of Transportation and Logistics 34320 Avcılar/İstanbul/TURKEY

School of Transportation and Logistics was established in 1999 in order to train specialist who are going to take roles in shaping the logistics industry in terms of national and international relations. Since its foundation, 571 students have been graduated from Turkey’s first logistics school, STL. STL consistently leads the Turkish logistics industry by its efforts to educate the required human resources and contribute to transportation and logistics policies as a reputable educational institution.

Scope and Focus

Questions we’re all asking right now is how the sectors of logistics and supply chain management will change.

What will the post-covid era bring? Are we putting an end to globalized supply chains? Is automation still the wave of the future? Can we assume that risk management will dictate the supply chain? Is the future laying in the deployment of new technologies?

We wrapped the above questions into one theme titled


Modern logistics:

Mitigation and adaptation to new challenges.

Key Dates

April 2021

Call for abstracts and papers opens

15th October 2021

Last date for submission of full abstracts

28th October 2021

Last date for paper submission

3rd November 2021

Last date for submission of presentations


The symposium programme will soon be announced.


The papers will be published in the Journal of Transportation and Logistics.


Journal of Transportation and Logistics (JTL) is a new multidisciplinary and semi-annual published official journal of Istanbul University, The School of Transportation and Logistics. The aim of the journal is to disseminate the new ideas on the issues and problems faced by transportation and logistics industry which becomes irrevocable for the global economy. JTL provides academicians and practitioners with a dynamic platform to discuss and analyze the new issues for transportation and logistics. It presents an independent, original and elaborated analysis to facilitate the interchange of information about logistics and supply chain management among business planners and researchers on a world-wide basis as well as a platform for new thinking on the problems and techniques of logistics and supply chain management. Academicians and practitioners are invited to submit articles, research papers, case studies and review articles that progress the science and practice of transportation, logistics and supply chain management. While articles in any area of transportation, logistics or supply chain management are welcomed, the editors are especially interested in those dealing with managerial applications of theory and technique. Articles which provide guidelines for framing, interpreting or implementing the transport and logistics process in the supply chain are of particular interest. Thus, subjects covered in this journal may include business; entrepreneurship; management and accounting; corporate governance; customer relationship management (CRM); marketing; human resources management; economics, finance, business & industry; industry & industrial studies; logistics; inbound and outbound logistics; supply chain management; transport industries; green logistics; reverse logistics; humanitarian logistics; sustainability; city logistics. All articles are anonymously reviewed for publication by referees who look for original ideas that are clearly presented.

Call for papers

Please use the following format for your abstract and paper. Here you can find all the detailed information about the abstract and paper preparation.

Template for full paper


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The Symposium will take place in Istanbul.

The rectorate of the Istanbul University will be our host for this years’ Symposium.

İstanbul University Rectorate 34452 Beyazıt/Fatih/İstanbul/TURKEY

İstanbul, a fascinating city built on two Continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait. This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city, it’s a melting pot of many civilizations and different people. Istanbul was also announced by the European Union as the 2010 European Capital of Culture.

From the foundation of Byzantium in the 7th century BC until today, Istanbul held always an important role in the history of humanity in this part of the world. Everybody wanted to gain control of this area because of its strategic location; Empires were born here on the ashes of previous ones.

Since the Republic in 1923, Istanbul continued to grow and today it boosted its population over 15,5 million people living in this spread out city. This makes Istanbul the largest city of Turkey and one of the biggest cities in the world.

İstanbul City Guide,istanbul-visitor-s-guidepdf.pdf

Organisers and Contact

Scientific Committee

Prof. Tone Lerher, PhD, Faculty of Logistics University of Maribor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aurelija Burinskiene, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Assoc. Prof. Matevž Obrecht, PhD, Faculty of Logistics University of Maribor

Prof. Abdullah Okumus, Ph.D.

Prof. Mehmet Adak, Ph.D

Prof. R. İlker Gökbulut, Ph.D

Assoc. Prof. Burcu Adıgüzel Mercangöz, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Ebru Demirci, Ph.D. (

Bahadır Fatih Yıldırım, Ph.D. (

Organising Committee

Manca Zrinski, Faculty of Logistics University of Maribor

Vid Mlejnik, Faculty of Logistics University of Maribor

Assoc. Prof. Ebru Demirci, Ph.D., School of Transportation and Logistics, Istanbul University

Bahadır Fatih Yıldırım, Ph.D., School of Transportation and Logistics, Istanbul University



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Participation at the Symposium is free of charge.


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