The title of this years’ symposium is

“New technologies for supply chain and business transformation”.

Technology can significantly impact the transformation of businesses and supply chains. However, the supply chain’s digitization is still lagging compared to other business areas. According to a study delivered by McKinsey, the supply chain aspect has the lowest degree of digitization (43%) compared to other business functional activities, including products and services, marketing and sales channels, business processes, and new entrants at the ecosystem level. Still, some technologies are changing business and supply chains when companies adopt them.

Technological advances and applications are driven by better data availability, visibility, efficiency and accuracy. The right technology solutions enable business and supply chain operations to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage, significantly when competitors slow to adopt the latest technology.

Paper publication

The papers will be published in the online proceedings. Selected papers will also be published in the journal “Logistics, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Global Challenges” issued by Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor.

Important dates

May 10 – paper submission
June 10 – review reports
September 10 – updated paper version
October 16-20 – paper presentation at symposium
December 31 – decision on best papers recommendation for publishing in journal

Abstract/Paper/Presentation Submission


abstract and paper preparation